Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From Charlie

Hey guys... hope everyone is well. I will be posting my thoughts when I have some thoughts. I'm about thought out for the moment ;-)

Are y'all bored with life in the US since returning? I discovered everything I missed, with the exception of relationships, was things... real internet, 24 hr flush capability, etc. Just stuff. Stuff's fine, but it's just that - stuff.

I've been looking at beach houses -- off season (Sept onward to spring) is cheapest. It may be next yr before we do it b/c we want the whole gang there if we can... I'm looking at other options too. Although, ocean front is really nice!!

I realized (hey, this may be thoughts....) how much I became attached to each of you. It's difficult trying to share everything with those who didn't come... ya know? I have been praying for friends... and hanging out with Mike was a blast! Bruk & Bebi were exceptional roommates....

Anyway, this is my ramble. Pray for health... have been sick all week.



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